What is MMT?

Developed by Jeffrey Sergent DC and Massage Therapist Peter Rogers over the course of five years, MMT is the future of Physical Medicine. Instead of using one specific way of treating patients, we draw from multiple physical wellness modalities and practices to use what works for individuals as a whole, not just one specific spot on the body. We look at the body as a finely tuned machine. If one part is not working correctly, it will affect your body’s overall performance. By using mobilizations, manual therapy and therapeutic exercise, MMT can reduce restriction throughout the muscles and joints, reducing nerve pain and risk of injury.

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Chiropractic Treatment

Our initial goal is to get patients out of pain quickly. We then focus on education, including what caused the issues and how to maintain and progress toward healing.

Manual Therapy

Our 55-minute, chiropractic-advised massage is designed to leave our patients relaxed and limber, with adjusted blood flow where needed within their bodies.

Massage Overhaul

Our 55-minute, full-body massage is uniquely tailored to our clients’ needs, utilizing numerous manual therapy modalities, including hot stones, hot towels and ice.

Massage Tune Up

Our 30-minute, full body or site-specific massage focuses on a specific client need. It’s a great way to quickly alleviate that nagging injury or knock the stress of a hectic day away.

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