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We use a progressive eclectic approach. The initial appointment typically takes about 30-50 minutes, depending on patient needs and abilities. At your first MMT appointment, you’ll notice we use a combination of traditional ortho (muscular and skeletal) and neuro (nerve) testing with functional assessments. This thorough evaluation helps us detect soft tissue restrictions/trigger points, joint restrictions and motor control coordination disturbance.

Our overall approach uses a combination of researched-based evaluations and movements, including selective functional movement assessment (SFMA), Dynamic Neuro Stabilization (DNS) and Janda/Lewit muscle imbalance evaluation:

  • Soft tissue resolution through soft tissue techniques active release technique (ART), instrument aided soft tissue massage (IASTM), muscle + movement therapy (MMT)

  • Joint restriction – joint mobilizations, graded approach from gentle joint glides with traction to the traditional high velocity low amplitude (HVLA) adjustment.

  • Motor control coordination disturbance: we use a neuro-developmental approach to re-educate the brain on how to stabilize and control muscles and joints through movement. This is then reinforced with strength and conditioning exercises.

Our initial goal is to get patients out of pain quickly. Our long-term goal is to educate our patients on what caused the original issue, what they can do to maintain healing and, just as importantly, the steps they can take to progress to even better health.

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