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Here at Muscle and Movement Therapy, massage isn’t just a luxury, it’s a way of life. A tool for our clients to achieve optimal physical and mental health. 

With each massage, clients and patients can expect hands-on evaluation of the soft tissue and utilization of a variety of techniques to ensure the best outcome. This also includes careful consideration of the client's specific wants and needs. For all massages, guests can expect hot towels, hot stones, moist heat packs, cold therapy, therapeutic, deep tissue, relaxation massage and percussion massage techniques, therapeutic stretching and myofascial release... whatever is needed for the desired outcome.

All these therapies can be done on their own or in conjunction with chiropractic care, athletic training and personal training. 

Known benefits include:

Reduced muscular tension and soreness[3][4]

Reduced mental and physical stress[2]

Increased circulation[3]

Increased relaxation[4]

Increased flexibility and joint mobility [1]

Improved recovery of soft tissue injuries[3]

Improved skin tone[5]

Heightened mental alertness[2]

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