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Case Study: Massage After Traumatic Injury

Mark Forman’s life changed radically 50 years ago when he was stationed in Vietnam. A medic, he was there to help people dealing with the injuries of war.

Instead, he became one of those people when he was hit by a bullet that ultimately destroyed his right hip ball and joint.

“I actually don’t have a hip joint anymore,” he explained. “I have a lot of atrophy in my right leg and I have a drop foot. My right leg is actually shorter than my left leg, and I have a three-inch lift in my shoe.”

Over time, Mark learned new ways of doing things and focused on how to do the best he could.

About eight years ago, a friend recommended massage with Peter Rogers.

“I deal with quite a few issues, from chronic back pain to my muscles just tightening up,” he said. “I am able to sit, and that’s actually the only time I don’t have pain.”

As he gets older, Mark is able to walk less and less, and he said that doctors predict he will eventually be in a wheelchair.

However, regular massage with Peter has helped him keep his mobility.

“He really keeps my muscles flexible and alive,” he said of Peter’s work. “He’s not afraid to get in there and work the areas that need to be worked.”

Peter is known for a phrase that resonates with many of his clients during a massage: Hate me now, thank me later.

Mark vouched for that technique and laughed about Peter’s ability to seek out and attack those tender spots.

“He really does do that,” he said. “But he’s such a personable guy. I like the fact that he’s not afraid to do that because I know I will feel better afterward. Peter has really helped me a lot over the years; I would recommend him to anyone.”

MMT thanks Mark for his service and we’re honored to help him optimize his health and mobility.

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