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What’s Up with Dr. Sergent’s Poster?

If you’ve ever had an appointment with Dr. Sergent at MMT, you may be wondering why he has a poster full of babies on his wall?

“It actually forms the basis for our treatment approach,” he says. “The poster shows all the

different milestones that infants should be able to do well and at what point in their development. These pictures are somewhat of a roadmap.”

Dr. Sergent is referring to the Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization (DNS), which is from the Prague School of Chiropractic.

While none of us remember the first time we rolled over, crawled or squatted, at one time, these were all new movements to our bodies. They came naturally to us as part of our development and are called global motor patterns.

And then, in some cases, we “forgot” the correct and natural way to do them.

“We don’t really know why this happens,” says Dr. Sergent. “It could be our lifestyles, it could be the activities we do (and don’t do) as adults. We do know that children don’t play as much as they used to, and as they get older, their amount of play decreases.”

He also lets us on on a little secret about that poster: He reads it much like a periodic table when deciding on how to treat his patients and the photos are actually divided into three different groups.

By incorporating these exercises into the treatment plan, Dr. Sergent is not just working your muscles, he’s also working your brain and retraining your body to move the way it used to do – when you were a child!


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